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Kumpulan Teks Prosedur

How to Cook with Microwave Oven

When you want to cook with a microwave oven, you need the following things:
• plate, non metal plate
• food
How to cook with a microwave oven?  here are the steps:
• Wash your hands. Remember to be clean before cooking
• Then connect to the electrical supply
• After that, put the food into the microwave
• Don't forget to decide how long it will heat the food
• Press 
the button to start heating the food
• Wait for the beep sound. It indicates the cooking process is done
• Finally, take out the food and enjoy it
• Don't forget to wash hands after cleaning the working area

Text Procedure : How to Make a Mango Juice


  • a piece of mango
  • a half glass of water
  • a glass of ice pack
  • a spoon of sugar


1.      First, peel the mango and clean it
2.      Next, cut the mango into pieces and put them into the juicer
3.      Then, put the water, ice and sugar
4.      After that turn on the juice and wait about 15 seconds
5.      Finally, pour the mango juice into the glass and ready to drink


1.             1 ripe black-skinned plantain or 4 small finger banana (make sure that the banana is sweet)
2.             1 egg
3.             1 tsp. sugar
4.             6 Tbs. flour
6.         water
7.         a pinch of salt
8.         vegetable oil for deep frying


1.      Place flour in a deep mixing bowl. Make a well in the middle of the flour, and add egg, sugar and salt. Add water little by little. Whisk vigorously until batter is evenly smooth for coating and not too thin. If it is too thin, add more flour.
2.      Peel plantain or banana and cut in half lengthwise and then cut again with 4-inch width. Dip into batter to coat generously.
3.      Heat oil in a wok or deep fryer until moderately hot. Place coated plantain or banana in the wok or deep fryer and fry slowly until golden brown and crispy. This usually take approximately 10-15 minutes. Remove bananas from oil, drain on paper napkins and dry well.
4.      Serve while still warm



How to make ice tea
 Materials needed:
Ice cube
 Procedure to make ice tea
1. Boil water.
2. Put the boiling water into a glass.
3. Dip a dye tea into the glass.
4. Put a spoonful of sugar into the glass.
5. Mix well.
6. Put 3 small ice cubes into the glass. 

How To Make Omelette

Ingredients :
2 Eggs
Margarine or vegetable oil
Tools :
Frying pan
- Whipped eggs and add little salt
- Turn on the stove and put frying pan
- Add margarin on plate , wait until it melted
- Pour a whisk of eggs to frying pan
- Averaging until the eggs meet the pan
- Feedback the eggs , wait until the eggs mature
- Move into a Plate
- You can add some vegetable (if you like :) )

How to Make Tomato Soup

To make a bowl of tomato soup, you must prepare all ingredients below:
  • 4 large tomatoes
  • spices
  • 1 small onion
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • 8 cups of water
  • ¼ teaspoon of pepper
  • small clove garlic
  •  ¼ teaspoon of butter
Here are the steps to make a bowl of tomato soup:
  1. Cut tomatoes, onions, and garlic into small pieces.
  2. Fry them in a pan with butter for five minutes.
  3. Add water, spices, salt and pepper.
  4. Heat until the water boils.
  5. Turn down the heat and cover with lid. Cook gently for one hour.

Bregedel Tempe (Tempe Fritters)

The ingredients to make bregedel tempe are:
  • 150 g tempe
  • 2 tablespoons fried shallots
  • 3 kaffir lime leaves
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup vegetable oil for frying
And to make the spice paste, you need:
  • 3 large chilies, seeds removed
  • 3 small chilies
  • 2 red shallots
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon chopped galangal
  • 1 candle nut
  • 1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon shrimp paste
Here are the instructions to make Bregedel Tempe.
  1. Mash the tempe with a fork or place in the bowl of a food processor and blend until it resembles coarse bread crumbs.
  2. Grind the spices in a mortar and pestle or place in the bowl of a food processor and blend to a smooth paste.
  3. Put the mashed tempe in a bowl and mix with the spice paste, fried shallots and lime leaves. Stir in the flour, followed by the egg.
  4. Shape the tempe into fritters the size of a golf ball and flatten a little with a fork.
  5. Heat the vegetable oil in a wok over a medium flame. When the oil is hot, drop the fritters into the oil, five or six at a time.
  6. Fry until golden brown on both sides, drain on absorbent paper and serve hot with rice.

Procedure Text How To Make a Chocolate Pound Cake
Ingredients :
• 1/4 cup Process Cocoa
• 2-1/4 cups Cake Flour
• 3/4 cup Sugar
• 3 Egg Whites
• 1 tsp Powdered Sugar
• 2 tsp Vanilla
• 3/4 tsp Baking Soda
• 8 Ounces Low-Fat Yogurt
• 1/4 cup Margarine
• 1/4 tsp Salt
• 1/4 cup Prune Puree
How to make Chocolate Pound Cake :
• Grease the sides and bottom of a loaf pan with cooking spray.
• Sprinkle one teaspoon flour and leave aside.
• Blend prunes puree with margarine in a bowl. Add sugar and beat properly.
• Add egg whites in the above and beat again for 5 minutes until blended. Now add vanilla.
• Mix together the remaining flour, soda, cocoa and salt in a separate bowl.
• Add it to the prune puree blend alternatively with yoghurt.
• Pour this mixture into the greased loaf pan.
• Bake for 55-60 minutes in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F.
• Allow to cool and chocolate pound cake is ready.

How to Make A cup of Cappuccino Coffee
“How to make a cup of cappuccino coffee”
  1. water
  2. a teaspoonful of coffee
  3. three spoonsfuls of sugar
  4. two spoonsfuls of cappuccino

  1. first, boil some water in the kettle
  2. then, put a teaspoonful of coffee into a cup
  3. put three spoonfuls of sugar into a cup
  4. add two spoons of cappuccino
  5. fill the cup with boiling water
  6. Finally, stir it and a cup of cappuccino coffee is ready to drink..

How to Make a Milkshake

The ingredients that you need to make a milkshake are:
  • 4 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 2 cups milk
  • 4 teaspoons chocolate sauce (optional)
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
Now, follow these steps to make a milkshake.
  1. Place milkshake glasses into the freezer. Using cold glasses will help the shake stay cool to give you time to enjoy. Leave for up to an hour if possible.
  2. Soften ice cream. It is easier to make a shake when the ice cream is slightly soft. Take the ice cream out of the freezer a few minutes before making your shake.
  3. Place the ingredients into a blender. Mix the ice cream, milk and added flavors into the blender. Blend on high for one minute. Don’t leave in the blender for longer or the shake will melt quickly.
  4. Pour shakes into frosty glasses. Take the glasses out of the freezer as soon as the blending is complete. Then pour the shake mixture in.
  5. Drop a straw into the shake, then enjoy. You can sip a shake right from the glass but somehow the straw adds to the flavor and the experience.

How To Make Key Chain
Little information to make your own craft keychains and may be sold or in life itself, to shape this development and it’s up to you, handicraft materials that are environmentally friendly cornstarch turns can be made trinkets unique crafts such as candle holders, wall hangings , pencil boxes, picture frames, painting a very attractive, key chains, etc. ..
For the model you can get a little to imagine or looking for ideas and can replicate the model made of clay.
already in the market
To make a wall decoration material the following ingredients:
Raw materials:
1.flour bulk cornstarch, 400 g
2.glue fox 200 gr
3.water and cooking oil to taste
Supporting materials:
1.paper carton
2 coloring  food (brands grave, etc.)
Working tool:
1.small knfe, cookie cutters, plastic mats for printing, scissors etc.
The steps of making crafts:
1. Combine Glue and flour into a container / jar of water and then add the oil little by little while kneading kneaded by hand until the dough fluffier
2. Take the dough of thumb for mothers jarikelingking rounded spherical shape as many as 400 pieces and pat dry .. while waiting for the dry well with other models of the form .. and do not forget the love of colors that appeal to a model model. glue them together with a fox in the area of the wall. 3. For maximum results you should not do pengerimngan using the oven.
It would be nice if the drying process using solar heat

How to Make Fried Rice
·         White Rice that's previously been cooked
·         2 Carrots
·         Yellow Onion
·         Garlic
·         3 eggs
·         Bean Sprouts
·         Black Pepper
·         Salt
·         Fresh Ginger
·         Soy Sauce
·         Green Onion
·         Sesame Oil
·         Shrimp,Chicken,and/or pork/tofu(optional)
·         corn or broccoli will work too

4 cups previously cooked rice.
4 cups previously cooked rice.
Wash the vegetables.
Wash the vegetables. Then, dice the carrots and onions into small pieces. Set them aside for the next step.

Add oil and heat up the pan to 100 degrees.
Add oil and heat up the pan to 100 degrees.4
Toss the vegetables into the pan for about 3 minutes.
Toss the vegetables into the pan for about 3 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon of salt into the pan.5
Boil the chicken or shrimp with the rest of the ingredients (optional).
Boil the chicken or shrimp with the rest of the ingredients (optional).6
Put a bit more oil into the frying pan.
Put a bit more oil into the frying pan.7
Add an egg and scramble with the other ingredients.
Add an egg and scramble with the other ingredients8
Toss the rice in carefully.
Toss the rice in carefully. Add approximately 2 to 3 tablespoons of soy sauce while frying.
1.      9
Put fried rice on a dish and it's ready to serve!.
Put fried rice on a dish and it's ready to serve!

How to Tie a Neck Tie

First of all, start with the wide end on your right. Extend it about 12" below the narrow end.
Secondly, cross the wide end over the narrow, and back underneath.
Then, bring the wide end up, and turn down through loop.
After that, pass the wide end around to the front from your left to right.
Then, bring the wide end up through the loop.
Finally, pull the wide end through the knot in front. Tighten and draw up to collar.
How to make sandwich
-          Ingredients:
            Two slice of bread, cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, tomatoes, and salad.

First, place a slice of bread on the plate.
Second, put the tomato sauce.
Third, adds salad, slice tomatoes, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, tomato sauce.
After that, add salad.
Then, put a slice of bread on the top, and
Finally, serve it!

Procedure Text in Making Kite
Having a kite flying is interesting and make it by self is easy. Prepare the following materials to make a kite:

  • Butcher cord
  • Scotch tape or glue
  • 1 Sheet of strong paper
  • 2 Strong, straight wooden sticks of bamboo
  • Markers, paint or crayons

After the materials have been prepared, the directions bellow is easy instruction on how to make a kite:

  1. Make a cross with the two sticks, with the shorter stick placed horizontally across the longer stick.
  2. Tie the two sticks together with the string in such a way as to make sure that they are at right angles to each other.
  3. Cut a notch at each end of the sticks. Make it deep enough for the type of string you are using to fit in to. Cut a piece of string long enough to stretch all around the kite frame.
  4. Lay the sail material flat and place the stick frame face down on top. Cut around it, leaving about 2-3cm for a margin. Fold these edges over and glue it down so that the material is tight.
  5. Make a tail by tying a small ribbon roughly every 10cm along the length of string.
  6. Decorate your kite with the markers!

Cara Buat Es Krim sama hot chocolate melt cake

Adas manis & chocolate parfait

Siapkan untuk ledakan rasa sebagai lapisan penutup ini meleleh di mulut Anda.

Persiapan Waktu 10 menit

Memasak Waktu 5 menit

Bahan (melayani 4)
100g dark chocolate, cincang
1 x 300ml ctn krim kental
1 butir telur, dipisahkan
2 sdm gula kastor
125g mascarpone
8 Unibic biskuit kue adas manis, cincang
80ml (1/3 cangkir) kopi espresso dingin
Coklat bubuk, debu
Campur coklat dan sepertiga dari krim dalam mangkuk tahan panas lebih dari satu panci setengah penuh dengan air mendidih (pastikan mangkuk tidak menyentuh air). Masak, aduk dengan sendok logam, selama 5 menit atau sampai coklat mencair dan campuran mulus.
Gunakan pemukul listrik untuk mengocok putih telur dalam mangkuk kering yang bersih sampai lembut puncak formulir.
Gunakan balon kocokan untuk menyapu bersama kuning telur dan gula dalam mangkuk sedang sampai pucat dan lembut. Aduk di mascarpone tersebut.
Gunakan pemukul listrik untuk mengocok sisa krim dalam mangkuk sampai lembut puncak formulir. Lipat ke dalam campuran kuning telur. Tambahkan putih telur dan lembut lipat sampai hanya gabungan.
Tempatkan biskuit dalam mangkuk dan gerimis dengan kopi. Sendok setengah biskuit campuran merata di antara gelas melayani. Atas dengan setengah saus cokelat dan setengah campuran krim. Lanjutkan layering dengan biskuit tersisa, campuran cokelat dan campuran krim. Debu dengan kakao untuk melayani.




Cara Membuat Cappuccino Cincau

Bahan-bahan Cappuccino Cincau yang harus anda persiapkan :
1. Cincau
2. Gula
3. Susu
4. Blender (kalo ada, gak ada gak apa-apa)
5. Es

Cara Mendapatkan bahan-bahan untuk membuat Cappuccino Cincau :
1. Belilah Cincau dipasar dengan harga yang relatif murah, anda bisa membelinya dengan mudah. Harganya cukup murah kok. Hanya Rp.3000. Udah dapet Cincau buanyak.
2. Anda bisa beli Cappuccino cincau yang sakset saja, bisa anda pilih banyak di warung.
3. Susu yang murah saja, beli yang sakset alias 1000 doang
4. Gula secukupnya bisa di dapet di dapur anda pastinya
5. Tambah es juga, kalo gak ada di rumah bisa beli di warung.

Cara pembuatan Capcinnya :
1. Anda bisa iris-iris Cincaunya, atau anda buat kotak-kotak kecil sesuka anda terlebih dahulu ke dalam gelas.
2. Anda aduk Cappuccino cincau terlebih dahulu (Jika tidak punya blender). Jika punya anda langsung masukkan Cappuccino Cincau sakset langsung dengan gulanya plus es-nya.
3. Tuangkan hasil blander atau Cappuccino yang sudah anda aduk ke irisan cincau.
4. Tambahkan susu coklat sesuka hati.
5. Siap diminum.


1 sdm gula pasir halus
200 ml susu cair panas
1 sdt kopi instan

1. Gosongkan gula dalam wajan teflon sampai mencair.
2. Tuangkan sebagian susu panas, aduk sampai rata.
3. Tuang ke dalam cangkir, tambah kopi instan. Aduk.

Cara membuat Bunga dari Sedotan

Ada 2 cara untuk membuat Bunga dari Sedotan:
1. Di susun bertumpuk, misalnya mawar, tulip, anggrek, bunga lili, bunga terompet danbunga bunga kecil, contoh di web ini misalnya bunga sakura.
2. Di jahit dengan kawat, biasanya bunga-bunga sedang dan besar, misalnya krisan, teratai dll.
Pertama-tama untuk menentukan besarnya bunga yang akan di buat, maka sedotannya harus di gunting menjadi beberapa bagian, yang umum adalah:  1 sedotan dibagi menjadi:  3, 4, 5 (4,7 cm), 6 dan 8 bagian yang sama besar.                                  
Pada waktu menggunting (kecuali menjadi 5 bagian), tidak usah di ukur, tapi di lipat saja lalu di gunting lalu di ratakan menjadi sama besar. Sebelum menggunting, sedotannya di pipihkan atau di gepeng kan dulu dengan gunting, caranya dengan menggesek kuat gunting ke sedotan dari ujung ke ujung (he..he..bahasaku ancur boo, bingung nulisnya..).
Gunanya supaya waktu melipatnya menjadi lebih mudah dan hasil guntingan lebih rapih.

Sedotan yang di gunting menjadi 3 bagian, tidak usah di ukur, tapi cukup di lipat saja menjadi 3 bagian yang sama besar lalu di gunting menjadi 3 bagian

cara melipat sedotan \
Sedotan yang di gunting menjadi 4 bagian, dengan cara melipat 2 sedotan, lalu di gunting dan masing-masing potongannya di lipat lagi menjadi 2 bagian sama besar dan gunting lagi.

membagi sedotan menjadi 4 bagian

Jika ingin membagi sedotan menjadi 5 bagian, saya ukur memakai penggaris dan 1 potongannya di ukur kira-kira 4,7 cm panjangnya.

Sedotan yang di bagi menjadi 6 bagian, pertama-tama lipat 2 sedotan dan gunting menjadi 2 bagian yang sama besar, lalu masing-masing bagian di lipat menjadi 3 bagian dan di gunting lagi.
di bagi menjadi 6 bagian
Ada juga bunga yang sedotannya di bagi menjadi 8 bagian, di bagi dan digunting dengan cara yang sama seperti di atas.
Sisir sedotan tidak selalu harus di pakai, sebenarnya tidak ada tehnik khusus untuk memakai sisir sedotan, tapi biasanya hasil akhir setiap orang akan beda, tapi untuk mempergunakannya perlu latihan supaya hasilnya lebih baik,


Cara Membuat Kerajinan Tangan dari Flanel
Kerajinan tangan dengan bahan flanel saat ini menjadi salah satu kerajinan tangan yang sangat diminati. Pembuatan yang cukup mudah serta bahan-bahan yang mudah dicari tentunya menjadi alasan utama disamping karena bisa dibuat berbagai macam benda.
Berikut ini macam-macam tusuk jahit dan tusuk hias yang digunakan dalam kerajinan tangan flanel :
1. Tusuk Feston
Tusuk feston ini biasa digunakan untuk menggabungkan 2 lembar kain flanel dan juga merapikan pinggiran kain flanel.
2. Tusuk Rol
Tusuk rol ini juga digunakan untuk menggabungkan 2 lembar kain flanel. Apabila dikerjakan dengan hati-hati maka akan menghasilakn jahitan yang jauh lebih rapi dan halus daripada tusuk feston.
3. Tusuk Tikam Jejak
Tusuk tikam jejak ini biasa digunakan untuk membuat bentuk mulut.
4. Tusuk Pipih
Tusuk pipih ini biasa digunakan untuk membuat bentuk hidung.
5. Tusuk Jeruji
Tusuk jeruji ini biasanya hanya digunakan sebagai hiasan.
Bahan dan alat yang digunakan dalam pembuatan kerajinan tangan dari flanel antara lain :
  1. kain flanel
  2. benang sulam
  3. jarum jahit
  4. dakron/kapas
  5. manik-manik
  6. lem serbaguna (all pupose adhesive), lem PVAc, melty stick (batangan lem)
  7. glue gun (lem tembak)
  8. gunting
  9. bahan pelengkap (gantungan kunci, gantungan handphone, jepit rambut, karet rambut, bros
Berikut ini beberapa bentuk kerajinan tangan yang terbuat dari kain flanel :
Gantungan Kunci Keropi
Cara membuat :
1. Membuat pola dari kertas kemudian di gunting.
2. Gunting kain flanel sesuai pola yang sudah dibuat di kertas.
3. Pasang mata dan buat bentuk mulut pada kain flanel bentuk keropi. Untuk memasang mata bisa menggunakan lem tembak. Untuk membuat mulut menggunakan tusuk tikam jejak.
4. Gabungkan kedua lembar kain flanel bentuk keropi, jahi sekelilingnya menggunakan tusuk feston. Sisakan sedikit bagian untuk memasukkan dakron kemudian setelah selesai memasukkan dakron selesaikan dengan menjahit menggunakan tusuk feston.
5. Dibagian atasnya selipkan tali untuk mengaitkan gantungan kunci.
6. Gunting kain flanel dengan bentuk bulat untuk ditempelkan di pipi.

Cara Membuat Boneka Tangan dari Kain Flanel dan Kain Perca

1. Sediakan Bahan-bahannya seperti pola, jarum kain flanel, kapas/dakron dan benang sulam (Dimodel saya pakai benang wol dan jarum besar biar kelihatan ceritanya)
Contoh Boneka Tangan
2. Cetak pola ke kain flanel (plissss pakai kapur jahit atau pakai pinsil warna yang mendekati warna kain yah, jangan ikutin sepertifoto bisa-bisa karya kita jadi kotor)
Boneka Tangan Flanel
3. Gunting pola sesuai dengan pola yang sudah anda buat.
Boneka dari Flanel
4. lalu jahit/sulam aplikasi seperti mata, mulut dll
kerajinan tangan boneka
5. Satu kan bagian depan dan belakang dengan menggunakan tusukfeston
boneka lucu
6. Sisa kan sedikit kira-kira 3 cm untuk memasukan bahan isi seperti kapas/dakron/kapuk
boneka imut
7. Lalu teruskan kembali jahitan (tusuk feston) hingga semua sisi terjahit semua
sang boneka kelinci
8. Pasang aplikasi lainya seperti hidung, ekor atau tali penggantung
pola boneka
9. Boneka kelinci telah jadi
boneka sudah jadi
Tips :
- jika kita memiliki pola dengan beberapa warna misalnya kelincinya ingin memakai “baju” berbahan flanel warna biru atau matanya menggunakan bahan flanel putih, ditempelkannya saat tahap no.4
- Boneka bisa saja terdiri dari beberapa bagian misalnya bagian kepala, badan dan kaki ingin terpisah, buat bagian-bagian tersebut hingga selesai dahulu lalu baru gabungkan dengan dijahit.
- Jika ingin kreasikan lagi pake 
Motif batik juga bisa dan bonekanya dipakekan Kebaya Modern kan mantaps tuh.
nah bonekanya sudah jadi tuh, saya mo lihat film lagi di 
Cinema3satusemoga anda bisa berkreasi dengan pola buatan anda sendiri, demikian Cara Membuat Boneka Tangan dari Kain Flanel dan Kain Perca.

How to make a glass of milk
You need to prepare:
a glass two spoonful of powder or liquid
 milk hot water
After you prepare all materials needed,
now use the following steps to make a glass of milk.
First, boil water.
 Second, put two spoonful of milk into a glass.
Third, put the boiling water into the glass.
Fourth, stir well Now,
you may enjoy your milk.

How To Make Banana Juice



Banana pieces           ----- 2 cups
Milk                         ----- 2 cups
Sugar                       ----- 2 cups
Ice cubes                 ----- 4 or 5


1.                  Take a jar and add banana pieces, sugar in it.
2.                  Make it as a thick juice.
3.                  After add milk in it.
4.                  Now blend it once and add ice cubes also.
5.                  After adding cubes, blend it once and make it as a juice.
  1. Take the juice into glasses and serve.
  2. Now you are ready with banana juice infront of you.
  3. Drink and enjoy the very tasty, delicious and yummy juice item banana juice

How to Make Ice Cream

You need these ingredients to make ice cream:
  • 2 cups milk (not skim) or cream
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract (can substitute other flavoring.)
  • Several cups of Ice (the smaller the pieces, the better)
  • 1 cup salt (rock salt is best, but table salt can also be used)
You need these supplies to make ice cream
  •  Tub or large coffee can to hold salt and ice
  • Glass bowl or small coffee can
  • Electric mixer or whisk
  • Ice cream scoop
  • Storage container for freezer

Here are the instructions that you must follow to make ice cream
  1. Setting up the cooling apparatus. Stir ice and salt in the larger container. Double-check that the small container will fit into the larger one even with the ice.
  2. Combine the ingredients. Mix together the milk, sugar, and vanilla in the glass bowl. Then, set this bowl in the tub filled with ice and rock salt, making sure that the salt water does not spill into the bowl. Instead of a glass bowl and tub, you can also use a small coffee can inside a large coffee can.
  3. Mix the ice cream. Mix the ingredients in the small container vigorously. The salty ice mixture will cool the mixture down until it turns into ice cream. Mix very thoroughly. If you're using a whisk instead of an electric mixer in your glass bowl, you'll have to stir very hard, or ice crystals will form in the ice cream. If you are using the coffee can method, make sure both cans are well sealed, and then roll and shake to mix the ice cream mixture. It should take about 10 to 15 minutes to stir the ice cream using either method. Stir until it is free from ice crystals and is the right consistency.
  4. Storage and serving. If you don't eat the ice cream right away, be sure to store it in the freezer so that it doesn't melt.

How to Make Light, Delicious Crepes


1/2 cup water
1/2 cup milk
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 eggs
1.      Add ingredients to the blender
To make the crepe batter, in a blender, combine water, milk, flour, sugar and vanilla. Crack the eggs into a small bowl. Check for shells and then add the eggs to the blender. 
2.      Blend until smooth
Blend the mixture until very smooth and free of lumps. Pour the batter into a large liquid measuring cup or a bowl, cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up to 1 day. 
3.      Grease the pan 
Using a pastry brush dipped in melted butter, lightly grease the entire surface of a 9-inch 
crepe panor nonstick fry pan and place over medium heat.  
4.      Swirl the batter in the pan 
Fill a 1/4-cup ladle with batter to just below the lip. Holding the pan at an angle above the burner, pour the batter into the pan close to one edge. Quickly swirl the pan so the batter covers the entire bottom of the pan. This should happen very fast since the batter will start to cook upon contact with the hot pan. 
5.       Cook the crepe 
Cook, shaking the pan from time to time, until the crepe begins to bubble, the bottom is lightly browned and the batter looks set, about 1 minute.
6.      Flip the crepe 
Use a small offset spatula to lift the edge of the crepe, then carefully grasp the edge and quickly flip the crepe over in the pan. Cook until the second side is slightly browned and set, about 10 seconds more.
7.      Stack the crepes. 
Transfer the finished crepe to a plate. Repeat to cook the remaining batter, greasing the pan with more butter each time. Stack the cooked crepes on the plate between squares of wax paper. 
To make egg and lemon soup, you need all ingredients below:
  • 3 pints chicken stock
  • juice of 2 lemon
  • 3 oz rice
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 eggs, well beaten
And here are the steps to make egg and lemon soup.
  1. Put stock into a pan and heat until boiling.
  2. Add rice and cook on low heat for fifteen minutes.
  3. Mix together egg and lemon juice.
  4. Add three tablespoons of stock to the mixture and stir.
  5. Stir this mixture into the remaining stock in pan.
  6. Add a little of salt and pepper.
  7. Cook gently for three minutes.

The Procedure of Making Meatballs

What you need for the ingredients
1 kilo of very fine minced meat (preferably beef)
2 eggs
300 grams of tapioca-flour
4-8 cloves of garlic
1 red onion
1 teaspoon of white pepper
2 teaspoons of salt
The steps to make meatballs
These steps are instruction on how to make meatballs, just meatball, the soup is made separately.
First of all,mix garlic, red onion, salt, and white pepper in a mortar or mixer.
Second step, mix the spice-mixture with the eggs, the tapioca-flour and the minced meat.
After that, use your fingers, add a cup of water, and keep on working until the mixture feels soft and smooth.
Then, boil some water in a rather large pot, at least about 2 liters.
Next step, start rolling the mixture into small meatballs.
Finally, lower the meatballs into the boiling water. When they float up to the surface the meatball are ready to serve.

Making Candles

Tool and Ingredient :
  • wax moulds, 
  • wick, 
  • dye discs, 
  • essential oils, 
  • and a double boiler.
Steps :

  • First of all, melt the wax. All wax has a flash point, so to prevent it bursting into flames, you must melt it in a double boiler, with water in the bottom pan.
  • Then, prepare the mould with the wick. Thread the wick through the mould and make sure that you leave a good few centimetres sticking out of the hole in the bottom.
  • After that, add the scent. If you want a scented candle, add a few drops of essential oil to the melted wax. You can use any essential oil you like, as long as it doesn't contain water.
  • Next step, pour the wax into the mould. Try and tip the wax into the mould quickly, all in one go, to minimise spillage and air bubbles.
  • Then, release the bubbles and top it up. Releasing the air bubbles will eventually make the candle sink, so you will need to top it up with more melted wax.
  • Finally, remove it from the mould. After four or five hours, the candle can be taken out of its mould.
  • Your candle is now ready for display. Remember, you must always leave it for a day before lighting it.

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